tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2007

Christmas came early this year

Today I went to the post office after work to send my Christmas swap packets ( I'm participating Yarn Exchange in Ravelry and Finnish Christmas surprise Swap) I also bought some Christmas stamps. When I came home I noticed a packet card on the and ran to the nearest post office to have my last Secret Pal parcel. I have been wondering where my pal lives and who she is. Parcel was sent from Sweden. As soon as I got home I opened it.

There was a card on the top of the box and Sandy revealed her to me and explained all the things I got. There were so many wonderful things in a box that I'm almost speechless.

Sandy had knitted me a felted bag it was so soft, I definitely will put my knittings in it. Small sheep is a measuring tape.

There was also a Christmas present for me, it's still unopened. I'll open it in Christmas Eve.

Little angel and Ravelry badge also included (Blogcat wanted sit on my new bag so his feet are in picture).

Like Sandy said Ravelry T-shirt was very large but don't panic I can make it smaller.

There was also beautiful mohair in packet ( Cat is a little bit older gift).

I got wonderful needles for a sock knitter; 1.5 mm, 1.75 mm, 2 mm and 2.25 mm circulars.

THANK YOU SANDY!! You have been the best Secret Pal ever.

I have also finished something, Socks for Veronik to my godmother ( I will send them tomorrow to her)...

.. and some hand spun 84 grams (13 wpi) for my stash.
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4 kommenttia:

Maijamirjami kirjoitti...

Sinäkin sait ihanan viimeisen paketin. Sukat ovat ihanat ja kehräämäsi lanka erityisen kaunista, wow!

Anni kirjoitti...

On ne vaan ihanat sukat!

Hanna kirjoitti...

Nuo Veronikit olivat mukavat neuloa, tein ne "paksusta" langasta eli Maijasta joten valmistuivatkin joutuin.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hanna, I forgot to take a picture of the felted bag to put in my Ravelry projects. May I use one of your pictures?

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