lauantai 28. kesäkuuta 2008

Perfect Stash

How much is enough?

I knit mostly socks and one pair weighs about 60 grams (about 2 oz.). I can knit one pair of socks in one or two weeks if pattern isn't fair isle and my workdays are normal. It means that I need about one to four kilograms sock yarn per to knit all the socks. If I  use all the leftovers smaller amont is enough. Sometimes I knit also something else so I have to own other yarns too. Lace shawls doesn't need much yarn (by weight) but it's good to have some lace yarn at home to be sure that you can cast a shawl if wanted to do it on Sunday.

How much I have?

I'm not sure about exact amount but I have about five kilograms of sock yarn (an nearly two kilograms of sock yarn left overs) and enough yarn to knit five or six shawls, one or two sweaters for myself. And as you might have noticed I dont knit sweaters at all. I also have about 500 grams of cotton yarn even though I don't like to knit cotton. And as a spinner I have some handspun yarns and wool too. I think that if sheeps (and alpacas) extinct right now I might have something to knit or spin for at least three years. My stash is still quite small I know people who have bigger stashes than I do but I think they knit more than I do.

I think you can't have too much yarn but having room for your stash can be challenging if you only have a small apartment. 

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Bobbi kirjoitti...

I've always struggled with the "right amount" of stash.

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